Our Services

Our services

Intelligent thinking and sticky results

Our role is to nurture your brand and make people stand up and notice you.

We don’t over promise, but we do provide the right advice for you. Clients become engaged with the right people and their stories get exposure across the right audiences and media.

Creative CREAM storytelling

We have a unique approach to corporate storytelling. It allows us to control our client narrative and disconnect from news reliance.
We call it our Creative CREAM. It is the ingredients we use to craft meaningful and emotive stories.

Context – Start out by setting the context.

Don’t assume your audience has been following the brand or its advances to date. This allows you to add colour and connect to their world view.

Research – Prove what you are saying.

Add in data. It helps demonstrate authenticity by providing evidence. Building trust.

Endorsement – Other characters and expertise insights add colour and weight.

Providing third party voices means that editorial partners don’t need to independently seek them out.

Antagonist – Our hero needs to be working against something.

Time, market rigidity, competitors, technological limitations. This adds tension.

Moral of the story – The killer soundbite.

The call to action. The key learning. It reconnects to the start giving a comforting conclusion.

+Corporate Reputation and Brand Management

  • Brand promotion
  • Corporate positioning
  • Message development
  • Promotion
  • Reputation management
  • Issue and crisis management
  • Facilitation
  • Media and stakeholder relations
  • Strategic planning and evaluation
  • Transaction communications

+International Orchestra
We operate an international orchestra model, bringing in new instruments and talent to add to our international capabilities. Allowing partners the creative freedom to excel and add to the collective whole, whilst being ’conducted’ by Milk & Honey PR. We currently run orchestras across EMEA, APAC and North America.

  • Centralised story packs
  • Creation of transferable story themes to work across multiple markets, packaging
    out with additional content such as video, imagery, voices as necessary
  • Command & control messaging
  • Ongoing quality control of all global content and messaging outputs
  • Simultaneous launches
  • Management of launches of new products, reports, news across multiple markets
  • One main contact
  • Milk & Honey PR the single point of contact, representing all partner agencies

+Human Relations

  • Employee engagement
  • Employer brand programmes

+Digital Design

  • Social media management
  • Digital campaigns

+Video Production
We’re super pleased to be in partnership with Leap Films, a London based film production agency.

  • Brand and campaign films
  • Animation
  • Full production services
  • Motion control
  • CGI post production
  • Editing
  • Aerial photography
  • Scripting
  • Storyboarding
  • Music production

+Bee-spoke packages

  • Creative buzz – get the buzz of ideas led by our creative director
  • Idea generation sessions – facilitating ideas through your team
  • Workshops to get creativity out of your team
  • Give us a brief and we’ll come back to you with a suite of ideas to build on
  • Media masterclass – be ready for anything
  • Media training
  • Messaging masterclasses
  • TV and radio interview best practise
  • Crisis communications

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